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Each year, Riverside County honors youth who have shown exemplary character while overcoming some of life’s most significant challenges during our Jamil Dada Character Excellence Youth Awards. In spite of their difficult and sometimes tragic situations, these young people have been identified as leaders in their communities, determined to earn a high school diploma, and/ or in pursuit of a post-secondary education.  The awards adhere to the Six Pillars of Character.

Six Pillars of Character

Be honest and reliable. Be loyal and keep your promises.

Treat others with respect and follow the golden rule. Be considerate of the feelings of others and live peacefully.

Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes. Set a good example for others.

Play by the rules and treat others equally.

Be kind and compassionate. Express gratitude. Help people in need.

Get involved in community affairs and volunteer. Stay informed. Protect the environment.

Trustworthiness * Respect * Responsibility * Fairness * Caring * Citizenship

CHARACTER COUNTS! and Six Pillars of Character®
are service marks of the
a Project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics

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